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Limbo is a scene where two different worlds coexist in one single frame: the realistic world of Navajo sandstones and a surrealistic world of subconscious imagery. The formations of the rocks in the center of the frame can in many ways be interpreted as pupil, skull or Parasaurolophus


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The L Selection contains work from the philosophical part of life, representing Karimi’s inner journey in search of a peaceful resolution between inner and outer world. As the silent frustration rose in him in search of an answer, he started to discern the state duality between human unconsciousness and conscious being.

Through his surrealistic visual art he points to the spectrum where Alice can wander in a mathematically fractal Wonderland. An enchanting wonderland made by footprints of flash floods dancing around sandstones for thousands of years. In Karimi’s Wonderland, rough stones of logic meet soothing water of emotions: a wonder molded by mediation of time.

The fine art photos are printed on crystal archive paper using Lightjet printing technology and facemounted on museum quality plexiglass. The result is the highest image quality available in the world with sleek and modern design.

The Fine Art prints come ready to hang.

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